Thursday, March 24, 2011

Upper level Indoor Playhouse

Here is the colorful upper level of Indianna's indoor Playhouse.
 This is what you see above the railing through the opening.

 The table is tucked into the corner on the left side with room for five little guests to sit around.  You can also see the railing (so we have no accidental falls), and the curtain for some 'no boys allowed' tea parties.

On the right side is the ladder down to the lower level.  It has been extended up into the upper level to act as a railing and also so that the kids can easily step off and on while still hanging on.

Some tutorials you will see next week from this space include:
-flag bunting
-converting hallway light into chandelier
-chalkboard/fabric canvas art


  1. Ok, the inner child in me is extremely jealous! This is just awesome, I bet she loves it!

  2. Thanks for introducing me to you blog! That is one lucky girl, what an amazing space you've been working on!