Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Craft Closet Details

On our house plan my craft room in our walk-out basement started out as a nice roomy area just off of a large games area and family room.  When we built our house we used insulated concrete forms (icf) so therefore all our exterior walls in our basement and main floor are 12" of concrete.  The only downfall of this system is that plumbing pipes cannot be run inside the wall as a traditional wood wall so therefore all our plumbing pipes heading out to our septic system needed their own space.  My craft room got elected for this by the plumbers and electricians so therefore I lost a lot of square feet and am left with basically an oversized walk-in closet with one small window.  Eventually when are children are older there will be plenty of spaces for me to take over but for now I am making the most of my craft closet.

Some of my priorities for this space included being able to look out of the room to my children playing in the games area, storage for my supplies, and floor space for my son to be able to set up his train beside me as I am working.  Otherwise he ends up trying to be right on top of my projects.

Here is my current sewing desk in its old home.  This was originally a skinny dresser that we added osb sheeting to in order to create more depth as a desk.

The sheeting was sealed with gloss tile sealer, only because that is what I had available, but it gave the surface a smooth shiny appearance and sealed all loose chips so I do not snag any delicate projects. 

I repainted the frame of the dresser a dark grey brown, and the drawers a creamy white.  I also removed 4 of the drawers to make room for these great baskets that store the beloved train set for easy access and my projects in the works.

On the right wall we raised the shelving to leave enough floor space for our little engineer.  The black boxes hold all different materials and are labeled appropriately.

These deer horns were found on our property so I gave them a light sand and painted them the same creamy white as the drawers.

My inspiriation board and mail sorter were thrift store finds.  I simply filled the large frame with cardboard and covered with fabric so I can easily post and remove ideas as I come across them.

In order to keep all my notions handy as I am sewing I placed inexpensive plastic storage carts underneath the desk so they are out of sight but within easy reach.

Here is another reason why I wanted my desk to face out rather than against the wall.  On cold winter days I can warm up and enjoy watching the fire dance in the fireplace across the room.


  1. OMG!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (yes, 5 LOVES) your craft room! It is so fun, colorful, tasteful, inventive, etc! I wish I had a room in my house that I could do this in! GOOD JOB! AND THANKS for sharing!!! I am going to keep this room in mind for inspiration for my rooms: www.DesignBuildLove.co

  2. Wow! Your craft room is great! The stencil is fantastic and adds a lot of character to the space. Looks like you'll have a fun workspace :)

  3. Great space to create! You have so many wonderful touches. Thanks for linking up to the Workspace Showcase at WWC!

  4. Gorgeous! I love your color palette and how functional this room is! This makes me want to be at home crafting SO. BAD.

  5. This is fab! Love the particle board sheeting as a counter top. I'm curious about what product you used to seal it...?

    Cathy @ Room Rx

  6. What genius ideas and decorating of this space! The sitting area is incredibly yummy! lol Very happy you joined us for Roomspiration today! Hope you come back to share some of your awesomeness with Family Brings Joy again. ;)