Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Closet Redo and Fabric Baskets

This closet has been making me crazy for a while.  My daughter has decided she needs to pick her own clothes (as you can tell from her beautiful outfit in the picture) so therefore my nicely folded, color coordinated piles have become a tangled mess.

I did a little readjusting of shelves thanks to my Freedom Rail closet organizers.  Sewed up some great collapsible fabric storage bins from recycled cardboard and fabric that I had picked up on clearance for $1 from Ikea.

I am very happy with this now tidy cheerful closet and everything is within easy reach for my daughter.  These fabric bins hide all the mess she creates when picking out her clothes.

The tutorial for these fabric bins can be found here.


  1. Those baskets are so sweet and the closet looks great!

    Hilary@My So-Called Home

  2. They look great! I love how it even looks like your bottom bird spans the 2 containers. lol
    Thanks for linking to my Organizing Mission link party!

  3. Wow! The closet looks great ... I am impressed that you made the fabric bins ... good job!!!

  4. Wow, how cool are you sewing your own fabric bins. :) I'm jealous, I can hardly sew a straight line. Love the new look! Thanks for linking up at Roomspiration today.

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