Monday, March 21, 2011

DIY monogrammed pillow.

One project down, three to go...

Here are the details on making your own monogrammed pillow. Read More.

 Print an image, silhouette, letter, number, or stencil that you wish to embellish your pillow with (or draw your own).  Remember to mirror your image if it is a letter or number or your finished project will end up backwards.

 Lay your fusible webbing (wonder under) or any other iron on fabric adhesive over top of the image your are copying.

Trace over your image onto your fusible webbing.

 Cut loosely around your traced image.  (I am only using a portion of my image here because I forgot to take pictures of these next few steps in my anxiousness to get my project finished.)

 Iron it onto the fabric you wish to use for your monogram.

 Cut precisely around your image once it has been adequately adhered to your fabric.

 Peel the paper backing off of your fusible webbing.

 With the webbing side down iron your image onto the right side of the fabric of your pillow front in the placement you desire to see on your finished project.

With a short, tight zigzag switch, sew all the way around your image to anchor it to your pillow front. 
Continue sewing as you would with any pillow cushion cover.

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