Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tribal Girls Bedroom

I have been MIA around here lately.  I decided to spend the summer away from the computer with the kids.  Then summer turned into fall, and fall turned into winter and I still never found myself in this space.  Today I have two off at school (that only happens 2 days a week) and my little guy is off at Grandma's for a play date with his cousin. So that leaves me with a little extra time on my hands and I am (temporarily) caught up on laundry, cooking and cleaning.  It feels good to be stopping in today. 
Back in September we switched the kids rooms around.  You know how it goes when you move in.  Everyone's helping, beds get put into rooms,  ambitious helpers start putting together beds, bone tired you crawl into those beds and call it a night.  Weeks of unpacking and then finally decorating and you realize the beds are not actually in the rooms you had intended them to be.  Fast forward two years and we finally switched the rooms around so the two boys now have the larger bedroom and Indianna finally gets a 'girl' bedroom. 
Indianna's Tribal Girl Bedroom:
And just for a quick reference.  Here is what her room looked like in the larger space:
Her new room suites her personality much better. 

So here's the low down.
A little Inspiration


Frog Tape


Gold Metallic Craft Paint


Tribal Feature Wall 
The old curtains + some Rit Dye =  Dip dyed curtains
Foot board removed + chunky timber in its place = platform bed that makes the room feel bigger.


Leftover MDF painted same color as walls + cute saying  + 4 screws = art
Large chunk of leftover timber from exterior stairs + stain + polyurethane + Ikea legs = long desk

Drift wood + craft paint + feathers + jute string + beads = Great place to hang artwork
And my favorite picture.  Waking up sleepyhead after her first night in her new room. 

Just a little sampling of what has been keeping me busy over the last six months.  If I get another day like today I'll share a few more projects around the house.