Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm Stumped

Way back in July I pulled a large cedar stump out of the flood pile at my parents cabin while on vacation with the kids.  It sat outside our house for a long time until finally my husband got around to cutting it into 3 - 19" stumps (that is the height of this West Elm stool).  The process is simple.  Sand until you do not think you can sand anymore.  And then sand some more.  You get the picture.  Oh, and times that by three if you are making multiples like I did.  I finished mine with Helmsman Spar Urethane.

Now the dilemma is where to place these stools/tables in my house.  I have a few favorite places.

My Daughter's Room

I can picture a industrial style goose-neck lamp perched on it here.

The Living Room

Lined up in front of the fireplace.

Or cozied up to the couch as a table.

In The Ensuite

As a side table by the tub.

Or as stools under the towels.

In The Master Bedroom

In the Basement

As a side table.

  What do you think?  Cast your votes on what location or combination.  Remember there are 3 stumps.