House Tour

In October 2010 our family of 5 moved into the house we built on 5 acres of land just minutes outside of our hometown.  We were our very own general contractor, designer, and did a lot of the work ourselves.  I have become a master at laying tile and any photos you see that have tile floors, backsplashes, shower walls have been loving layed 

It has always been in the long-term plan for us to raise our family on a small piece of land outside of town.  We have finally made that move but the building of our beautiful home has left little money for decorating.  I am using what we already had and creating my own pieces to decorate and add to the details we lovingly put into our home.

These pictures are posted in random and I will update them as I make changes.  You will also notice that not all rooms have photos yet but I will continually be working on this page so check back for more photos. 
In brackets below each picture you will find a list of the elements in each room that I created, repurposed, or painted for the space.


 (The oversized canvas hanging above the stools on the right is a picture I took of my children.)

Living Room

 (These side tables were much to high to act as coffee tables so I trimmed the legs down 5 inches.)

Dining Area/Nook

( I sewed the table runner and painted the vases which used to be green, gold, and red striped.)


(Tiled backsplash, stone veneer panels on curved island) 

Powder Room

 ( I made the floating timber counter out of leftover timbers that were used on the exterior of the house.  We also created the stone veneer wall using 'flexx stone'.)


(Driftwood Wreath, Stump Stool)

The Kid's Bathroom

The boy's room

(Monogrammed pillows, Arrow sign, Painted A-Z bookends, Photos above the beds)

 (flag bunting, union jack painting)

My daughter's room

 (wood art above bed, 'abc' art on right, pillow on rocking chair)


(Painted Yellow Door, Bench Seat Cushion)


Craft Closet

(painted dresser, installed osb counter top, stencilled wall, recovered inspiration board, painted deer horns.)