Friday, September 2, 2011

Design Dilemma Solved By Groupon

I'm sure many of you have heard of Groupon.  It is a subscription to daily deal coupons to businesses in your area.  Some of the purchases we have enjoyed great savings on have included hotel stays, golfing, photobooks, and canvases but there are so many other deals to be had as well. 

When we first moved into our home back in October the boys bunk beds were set up in the room they happened to be delivered to by our moving helpers and that is where they stayed.

In the early spring we decided we needed to add curtains to this room to block out light for our early bird two year old and that necessitated a rearrangement of furniture.

So this was the arrangement that we came up with that allowed proper room for the curtains to hang freely and also accommodated the older boys desire to have the beds side by side.  I received many great suggestions from you wonderful readers on what to put above the beds.  Many suggested something personal showing a little about each child, something shiny, etc.  I was seriously considering purchasing two shiny airplane propellers for above each bed but the most affordable ones I could find were $250 each with the addition of shipping costs.  I thought about some sort of bulletin board but was afraid of the clutter that would prevail on the 'B' side as he is a collector of all precious treasures.  The drawer you see in the book case is his special drawer filled with his prize possessions.  It is often filled to overflowing with various miscellaneous treasures.  I did however add a large bulletin board behind the door for displaying all their wonderful school work and art creations. 

I still however had not solved this dilemma so it was placed on the back burner as we began our exterior landscaping projects.  Still wondering what this has to do with Groupon?  While we were right in the midst of planting our 34 trees I received an email saying my groupon purchase was going to expire in 4 days.  I had purchased the groupon for 2, 16x20 canvases from 44 Wide the previous summer with the intention of taking some more photos of our three kids and gifting them.  Well with house construction the previous summer I just hadn't gotten around to taking the kids out for a photo shoot.  And those 4 days were slated chock full with tree planting leaving no time for even an impromptu photo shoot.  Rather than waste my groupons, one evening I quickly picked out a picture of each boy, converted them to black and white, and uploaded them to the 44 Wide web-site.  5 days later the canvases arrived and they were hung above each bed.  I was resisting the idea of photos above the bed originally because I hadn't wanted to duplicate the look I had done in the kids bathroom to label the towels.

I love the end result however so thank-you groupon for prompting this decision.  The canvases were a steal at $36 each versus the $120 original price tag.   The only addition will perhaps be a shiny silver frame around each canvas.

What do you think? Frame or no frame?

* This post is not sponsored by groupon.  It is simply my own experience using their daily deals.



  1. Love the canvases and the colors of the room!
    I say no frame, they look great just like that! :)

  2. Oh my gosh I LOVE this! I love the simplicity and the color choice. The pictures above the bed are darling! Great job :)

  3. aw, i love that idea/the photos! it's the perfect touch..

  4. The canvases are great! What a wonderful place to put them. I think I should check out groupon! I think the canvases look great as is! :)

  5. Those canvases MAKE the room! They look terrific the way they are. The wall color is also fantastic, really makes the photos pop. Gorgeous.

  6. LOVE the pics! And I am with the no frame group:)


  7. Boy did you get a DEAL with those gorgeous canvases!! This room is one of the most beautiful boys rooms I have ever seen! You did so well! Love the lettering throughout, the color pallet and furniture! I don't think you need frames for the canvases. I don't frame mine and I like the casual look it gives. Thank you so much for partying with us via Roomspiration!

  8. MARCI GIRL!!! This turned out absolutely fantastic!!! I already loved the room with the bunkbeds, but now I think I am completely head over heels! *SO* glad you linked up today!!

  9. Very nice! I get those groupon photo to canvas offers all the time - I should really do it - yours are gorgeous! Frame? I don't know, maybe try it for a few days to see what you think. This room has come together beautifully! I'd love for you to show it at my party. Tuesday's Nursery. It's for all ages of kids decor and the link are open. I hope you can make it!

  10. How darling!! Why do I ignore Groupon emails? I paid a FORTUNE to have a wedding photo put on canvas a few years ago...never again.

    Love this precious boys room, so glad I found your blog.

    Baylor Says...

  11. Coming over from a link on Roominspiration. Love your boys' room. The pops of turqoise are perfect. love it!

  12. Love the room! Would like to know where you got the bunkbeds??