Thursday, September 1, 2011

Temporary Decor Changes

All over North America kids have been returning to school for the 2011/2012 school year.  In our household we have a very seasoned student in grade 2 guiding a shy, nervous kindergartner through the joys of education.  Over the summer we have savoured the relaxed, sleepy mornings, the spontaneous outings, and many days spent at the lake enjoying surf and sun.  Normally at this time of year I am reluctant to see the return of routine and early nights. 

Three weeks ago, on route to the family cabin we stopped in to visit some friends camping at a nearby lake.  A refreshing wakeboard on a hot day left me with a tore MCL and ACL on my right knee.  I have been practicing watersports my whole life so this was not a new activity for me just a twisted fall.  I have spent the last three weeks with a knee brace and limited movement.  Although I am able to get around relatively pain free I don't seem to have enough speed to keep up with 3 active kids, household duties, and acreage yard maintenance.  The focus has been on the kids but the slower pace has them bored and therefore pestering each other.  The return of another school year will allow me to catch up on household maintenance during the hours they are away and some more one on one time with my frustrated 2 year old in the slow learning process of being independent.

For the duration of the slow recovery of my knee injury we have implemented a few necessary but temporary decor changes.  Temporary because they definitely don't fit with the rustic modern theme I would like to achieve in my home.

The recliner from the basement was brought upstairs to accommodate icing and elevation requirements.

We purchased an exercise bike for my physio therapy rehab.  My husband was very happy to add this to the other dust collectors we currently own residing in the basement.  Perhaps someday we will develop a portion of the basement into a gym.  In the meantime this piece sits in our bedroom conveniently for the five minute stints I am to be doing on it numerous times a day. 

And a few inspirational photos from those who managed to work recliners and exercise equipment into the homes decor permanently.

Real Estate photography in he Bay Area SF contemporary home office
                                                                                     Mark Pinkerton

CLASSIC-FS/ TOPOS modern kitchen
                                                                                           Leicht Küchen AG

Ardsley Residence contemporary kids
                                                                                  Eisner Design LLC

by Jodi Feinhor-Dennis contemporary family room
                                                                        contemporary family room design

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