Sunday, July 24, 2011

Working on a Green Thumb

Do you remember way back in May when I shared with you pictures of some of our outdoor projects and this little patch of soil was included?

I have to admit I was very skeptical that anything would come out of this patch of pasture we picked for my garden. 

Here it is today.  Amidst the multitude of weeds growing around it there is a little patch of promise. 

Unfortunately the only plant that hasn't been flourishing here are the carrots.  We received crazy amounts of rain immediately after I planted and it seems most of the carrot seeds washed away with only precious few remaining.

As I was skeptical of any growth here (besides the weed kind) I kept it very simple.  You can see here, two varieties of lettuce, onion, peas (just enough for the kids to snack on when I am working in the garden), carrots, potatoes, and zucchini. 





This is the first year for me to have my very own garden.  I have helped my mother with her gigantic garden for years but have never taken a real interest in it.

Here are a few things I have learned about gardening:
  • My garden is 40ft in diameter and it is big enough!!
  • I planned on staggering my lettuce planting but ran out of time but I lucked out that the green lettuce I planted started producing early and my romaine lettuce is going to be ready right about the time the green lettuce is finished.  I just might have to repeat that.
  • I left enough room between each row to rotor til and this was a huge time saver in weeding.
  • I didn't know when you hill potatoes and I did mine too late but I will have more than enough potatoes anyway.
  • I have WAY too many onions for my family.
  • Planting a garden can be an art and I think next time I will do a little more planning rather than just winging it. 
  • I am going to keep this as strictly a vegetable garden.  I will have flower beds on the outside of the little fence I plan to outline the garden in someday.
  • I never dreamed I would find so much pleasure in a patch of dirt and $20 worth of seeds.
Any other advise for a newbie gardener like myself?

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  1. It's fantastic! Way to go! I am so jealous that you've got so much land! I've just started a gardening project myself - altho not nearly to the scale of yours! You can check it out on