Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Organizing!

It must be in the air.  We are not seeing too many signs of spring outside here in Southern Alberta yet but they are definately showing up inside my house.  I tackled another problem area today and I am loving the results.

Here is my phone desk between my kitchen and living area.  I like to be very organized and usually have things tucked away in cupboards and drawers however, there are a few things I need left out for the visual reminder to do them.  The chalkboard canvas is my reminder to work on our letter of the day with my 3 yr old.  I have it displayed on a plate holder and am okay with how it looks.  The other mass of books is my reminder to do reading with my 7 yr old.  He shows some signs of dislexia so with lots of reading we are hoping to overcome this obstacle.  This means having a variety of books on hand for any free moment.  The binoculars are a necessity for my husband (so he claims) as we live on an acreage and he is constantly watching any wildlife in the area.

Here is my tidy desk area now with the great upcycled fabric buckets I created using men's suiting and some new cotton.

I love how they turned out so I made a few more and added them to my shop.  Keep watching my shop as I plan to add some other colors.

And Yup.  They are even reversible.  I can now change up the look with the seasons or my whims.


  1. Amazing how getting organized can change your outlook on life.

  2. Thanks for letting me know about your blog! LOVING it so far..can't see what else you create. I love, love, love this bucket!:)