Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fabric/Chalkboard Art Canvas DIY

As promised, here are the DIY details on the artwork found in Indianna's Play Loft.  They are chalkboards with pizazz.

 I like to use cheap canvases I find at thrift stores rather than purchase new blank ones at craft stores.  Believe it or not even the blank canvases can add up in dollars.  When I use pre-loved canvases all I do is apply a coat of primer over the image before continuing with my project.  Then I simply cut out my fabric with about 3 inches overlap to wrap around the edges of the canvas.  Staple the fabric snugly around all for sides working from the center out to each corner.  Now in order to make your fabric paintable and glossy, you paint on a layer of clear 'mod podge' or tacky glue.  Once that is dry, you trace or draw out the shape you wish for your chalkboard, and paint your silhouette with chalkboard paint.  Then doodle to your hearts content.  The layer of 'mod podge' protects the fabric so if the chalk sneaks out of the lines you can simply wash with a damp cloth. 

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  1. Thanks for inviting me to your cute blog. I am your newest follower! These are really cute and by the way this whole loft is adorable. I LoVE the pink kitchen.