Thursday, April 14, 2011

Office projects

Today I am heading out to my dad's shop to cut a piece of mdf to start on the first of my projects for our office/music room.  This is the place where we practice our music, and where I have the kids computer set up (that old jalopy you see in the photo) so that I can keep tabs on what they are into.  The office is located on the main floor just off the front entry but close to the living room and kitchen.  I am also found here often with my laptop as I have all my paperwork, printer and files tucked away in the closet.

Some of my plans for this space include adding drapes (when I find the perfect fabric at the right price), recovering the piano bench, hanging the mirror, update the pillow, moving out the change table and creating some rustic modern shelving to hold our music, and instruments.

The cherry change table (pictured in the photo above) was lovingly made by my father over 7 years ago to match our crib as we prepared for the birth of our first child.  I will not be parting with this piece as it means a lot to me but it will find another place in our home as it is a bit too bulky for the look I am hoping to achieve here.

Here is the $99 desk we purchased at Ikea strictly as a temporary desk until we found the one we love.  Well, I haven't found exactly what I have in mind yet, and anything close comes with a large price tag.

I am looking for a cross between this Crate and Barrel desk ($1599)

And this Crate and Barrel desk ($599).

I like the sleek clean lines of the white but the natural look of the wood.  My goal is to achieve the mixture with $0.  Unless I decide to add 2 pieces of hardware for the drawer fronts. 

Items I will be using that I already have:
The Ikea MICKE desk ($99)
4x8 sheet of mdf (I'm not sure the $ - left over from shelving)
walnut off cuts (free from my dad's shop)
wood glue
palm sander
trim paint (left over from painters)

I will update as I make progress on this project.  And all the DIY details will come once it is complete.


  1. wow, i'm excited to see how your desk turns out, that is awesome..

  2. Wow, you really created the cross between the two! Congrats, and thanks for sharing.