Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guest Post Design from Amber at Simple Dwellings

While I am busy playing with my kids this Easter Holiday, Amber has been busy designing.  Sometimes it is interesting and beneficial to get another perspective when designing and planning a space.  Although you may not follow exactly the ideas, it may take your own creativity in a new direction for you.  Since Amber from Simple Dwellings is a pro at creating design boards I thought I would invite her to create one for our master bedroom. 

Here is the info I shared with her:
  • size: 16' x 13'2 with 9' ceiling height
  • There is a large bank of windows along the one wall of our bedroom
  • My walls are painted with Benjamin Moore's Willow which is a rich grey brown
  • Rustic Modern is the style I am working at incorporating into our home
  • I have an existing armoire and 2 nightstands that I am considering stripping and staining grey
  • An upholstered headboard is what I am thinking of to compliment and not compete with the other wood furniture
  • I am in love with the textiles from Lacefield Designs (esp. the grey and yellow), and they are adding a bedding collection soon which I cannot wait to see
  • I would like to incorporate a seating area in this space 
Here is what she came up with:

Hello Timber and Lace readers! I'm Amber from Simple Dwellings and I am so excited to be a guest post today! Marci has a great blog with creative DIY projects and a beautiful rustic, modern style. I was so excited when she asked me to create a design for her master bedroom! Since I started my blog 3 months ago, I discovered a passion for creating designs to see how fabrics blend and decor styles compliment. I also love modern rustic designs and find it an exciting challenge when I can blend that with elegant, traditional elements. Marci gave me a lot of information to work with, which I love, because I will be better able to design a space that best suits her and her family. She already had beautiful gray tones to work with in the space and wanted to add some yellow through accessories. So, without further adieu, here is the master bedroom design:
I knew Marci wanted to keep the same design aesthetic here, as in the rest of the house. I tried to do that by bringing in natural elements, pairing wood pieces with neutral fabrics and keeping the overall design modern and rustic. Starting with the bottom left and working clockwise, here is a break down of the ideas behind the choices and shopping sources:
1. The dark gray color on the bottom left is Marci's room color now. It is Willow by Benjamin Moore. I love this color- it was a great jumping off point!
2. The gray/white stripe pillow and yellow ikat pillow are both from this etsy source here.
3. The next two pillows are from a source Marci loves and can be found here. She also plans to incorporate their bedding, when it becomes available.
4. The chosen drapery panels are from Pottery Barn. Marci has 9ft. ceilings in this space, and I would purchase these drapes in 108in. and hang the drapery rods up to the ceiling. That helps draw your eye up and takes advantage of the height in the room.
5. Since we're on the topic of window treatments, I also chose the woven shades for a layering effect to add depth and texture. These are blackout lined, for mornings when you want to sleep in and can be found here.
6. The starburst mirror will hang above the bed and is from Wisteria.
7. The upholstered headboard adds a soft element and is from Pottery Barn.
8. The table lamps can be placed on end tables next to the bed. Marci can either choose one design, or use one of each. They are both from West Elm. She already has end tables and an armoire that she plans to stain a gray color, which will work great in the space!
9. The leather cube ottoman from Ballard Designs can sit at the foot of the bed and Marci can use two to give the effect of a bench. It will help to visually add more depth to the headboard. The woven basket is from West Elm and will be great for blanket throws and books.
10. The bedding is from Dwell Studio and adds a sense of whimsical nature to the space. Marci has a bird statue on her dining table, so I thought this tied the two spaces together.
11. The armchair and side table are both from West Elm. I would add two of these armchairs to the space and place the side table in between.
12. The wood accessory is also from West Elm and adds a rustic touch to the space.
13. The gallery wall is from Pottery Barn and gives Marci a place to add family photos or this Love art piece from this etsy source here.
14. Last but not least, is an idea I have for the main wall where the bed will go- this is actually a stencil Marci can apply to only one wall behind the bed. It will act as the focal wall and mimic the look of expensive wallpaper. (Marci's beautiful craft closet is proof that she can stencil!) This stencil art can be found at this amazing etsy shop here. At first, I was going to suggest grass cloth for this wall, but when I found this, I thought it would be great! Marci can apply the stencil to her existing wall color and get a designer look without the expensive price tag! She can use a lighter shade of the wall color for a subtle touch, or a creamy white (like in the above design) for a more dramatic effect.  
There you have it! Sorry this post was so long- thanks for bearing with me! I truly enjoy interior design and thanks so much to Marci for this opportunity!
Would you like a design board for a room in your home? Please e-mail me at! I would love to work with you!
Amber from Simple Dwellings

Amber has done an excellent job of compiling different elements for this space.  I love the textures she has added for the windows.  I also like the mix of patterns she has put together for the bedding, and of course the wood, metal (in the side table) and textiles for nature's elements.  Thanks Amber.

You can look forward to seeing photos of our master bedroom soon (in its current state with decorations from our previous house), and I will detail the plans I have for it as well.  Of course DIY style.


  1. Thank you so much for having me here today, Marci! It was truly a fun project. And I know with your design style and great DIY skills, the master bedroom will come out fabulous!

  2. Wow, I love what Amber created. What a talented lady!

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