Friday, April 8, 2011

Exterior House Photos

I just wanted to share the reason I am so anxious to get outside.  Besides that my kids and I love to be outside, our house is begging to be surrounded by trees, shrubs, and vegetation.  I realize that getting 5 acres to perfection in one year is not possible.  Nor will the funds we have saved landscape out whole yard. But the entrance to our house is a good place to start.  I will post photos as we make progress but here are some before photos. 

 Here she sits in all her beauty waiting to be embraced by nature.  You can faintly see our wonderful mountain view along the horizon in this photo.  Once the snow melts, grounds thaws, and we dry up a bit we will be busy moving dirt, and vegetation.  Much of the work will be done with our own sweat and tears to stretch the funds a little farther.  We hope to plant some larger trees in the areas closer to the house and as we spread out on our 5 acres they will get smaller.

Here she is at night.

And I'm off to a secluded lodge for the weekend with my hubby sans kids (thanks Mom) celebrating my 30th birthday.


  1. Happy Anniversary! I have maaaaajor house envy. Landscape or no landscape that is a BEAUTY! I am off to throw rocks at my house now ;-)

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