Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Canvas Art Tutorial

Canvas Art Tutorial:
I created this artwork this week and I am loving the dimension it has so I thought I would share this super simple tutorial with you so you can create your own.  There are so many ways that it can be customized to your own tastes using different shapes and color combinations.

The first step was to take an old canvas I had on hand and prime it so the color variations of the original artwork wouldn't show through.  I used Beauti-Tone Drywall Primer because that is what I had on hand but any primer would work.
 Using Liquitex Ceramic Stucco (available at Michaels or any art supply store) I pressed a bottle lid onto the ceramic stucco and then onto my canvas leaving behind textured circles.

In a plastic yogurt tub I squeezed 3 of the colors I wanted as my base and dipping my brush into the colors I painted my textured canvas.  You can see some of the color variations depending on what area my brush was dipped into. 
Then I mixed Behr Faux Glaze with some white paint I had on hand for my top coat.  I used the ratio of 3 parts glaze to one part paint.  Then I roughly brushed my glaze mixture over the whole canvas.  Using paper towel and a dry paint brush I removed the excess glaze mixture to let the undercoat of color to show through.

 Here is a close up of how it looks.

The great part about canvases is that because of their depth they can hide thermostats.  Here is my wall with the thermostat for our infloor heat in the basement.

 Here is the same wall with the thermostat neatly hidden behind the canvas. 

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