Monday, January 23, 2012

Defining the space with drapes

I have been busy whirring away on the sewing machine lately.  The difference is subtle but it sure adds a touch of class.

Above is a picture of our dining nook before the addition of drapes.

And after.  I chose to only add the drapes to the patio doors on each side of the bank of windows.  I feared adding drapes to all four windows would enclose and darken the space too much.  We still have a light and bright space with unobstructed views of the mountains and the class of drapes.

I purchased 12 meters of mixed fiber fabric (a very similar look to dupioni silk but half the price and washable) and the same of drapery lining to make these 4 panels.  The sewing was very easy with basically four straight seams.  The only thing I did different than sewing regular curtain panels was keep the lining short on each side and the bottom by 3 inches to give them a natural balloon and keep the lining (which is white) from making an appearance.

They have a little bit of a shimmer and a subtle brown fleck added in with the charcoal grey to give them a little more dimension and texture.

I love how they are so subtle, yet help to define and bring warmth to this space. 


  1. Lovely! You have a beautiful home! :)

  2. Wow, they make a huge impact! I am interested in the fabric you mentioned, I think I'm looking for something similar. Can you provide a link to the source or the name of the fabric?

  3. Absolutely gorgeous home!!! It looks so grown up and adult :)
    Love the color too - what is it?


  4. Adrienne- the fabric is called Terrace Slub and the color is 947 graphite. I purchased it at my local fabricland. Good Luck in your search for the right fabric. Hope this helps.

  5. The spaces look so pretty! I like the softer look of the room with curtains.

  6. Love your space and the drapes look wonderful!! Would love for you to come share at Feathered Nest Friday sometime!

  7. Where did you get your table and bar stools? Did you put the extra molding around your windows yourself? How did you male the curtains? Sorry for all the questions.

  8. Your house is beautiful! Would you mind sharing your paint colors?