Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Changing it up in the Boys Bedroom

There are two reasons why we changed the boys room around. 
1. Our 2 year old wakes up with the sun.  This was fine in the winter when the sun wasn't getting up at 5:30 a.m. Now that Mr. Sun is showing his cheery face so early we are not so keen on our own Mr. G showing his face so early.  We all know what a 2 yr old with a lack of sleep is like.  Thus, we needed to add some curtains to this room.  It already has blinds but they are sheer weave so we can still take in the view when they are closed and their main purpose is to block out some of the heat.
2. Our oldest (who sleeps on the top bunk) has been asking to take the beds apart for a while.  I guess the bunk bed novelty has worn off.  He has been sleeping on the top bunk for about 2 1/2 years now.

Here is the bedroom all three of the kids shared in our old house.  It was designed for a community more geared towards families with teenagers, or retired so therefore this is the only other room on the main floor other than the master bedroom.  It is a large sunny den/office. 

I secretly miss this room.  Hardwood floors for a bedroom.  That white wall you see is a brick paneled wall (loved it).  Someday I will duplicate it in this new house.  Simple unisex decor.  All 3 kiddos all in one place (sometimes bedtime was party time but it always made you smile to hear them giggling).

This is what the bedroom looked like in our new house before we switched it around a bit.

You can see in the photo below that with the bookshelf, and dresser by the windows there was no room for the addition of curtains without completely overcrowding the space.

Here is their re-arranged space.
I am looking for some inspiration for what to put over each bed.  Any ideas?

And the new curtains.  I just picked them up at wal-mart as they were cheaper than making my own, and someday I might jazz them up a bit.

We had to move the dresser into the closet in order to fit both beds comfortably.

So what do you think?  Good move or not?  Any ideas of what to put above each bed?


  1. Great use of color and I think the room looks good with the beds seperated. I loved having bunk beds as a kid. I loved sharing a room with my sister...well, until we reached high school. My parents actually put up a wall in our family room to give my sister her own space.

  2. I REALLY like those colors!! I always think having separated beds looks good, but bunk beds give you so much room for "activities!!" that is a movie reference, ahaha - that will ferrill one?

  3. I love the room both ways, and let's be honest...sometimes we have to design out of necessity rather than preference when it comes to little one's sleeping patterns! HA! I will trade a room set up for an hour more of sleep in the morning *anytime*! (c:

  4. I think you have done a great job although the before is looking fabulous as well. I love the colour palette in the room. Please tell me the room doesn't always look so neat and tidy. For over the beds, what about some black & white prints of a sport or activity your kids like?

  5. I like the idea of a simple collage with some pictures of things that reflect each of the boys - something kind of personalized for them. There is not a ton of space, so maybe just a few frames in a cool arrangement over each bed. That way, it would be different on each side but still go together :)

  6. The room looks great both ways! I agree you could do something personal over the bed for each boy. A picture they made, an illustration of something they are into, a letter or monogram, silhouettes? You've done a great job already! Love the colors! I'm excited to see what you come up with!

  7. I really like the transformation. Great job!
    What about bulletin boards above each bed that your boys can personalize as they wish? Or does that have the potential of getting too messy?

  8. You have an amazingly beautiful home. And I LOVE how you decorated your boys' room. The gray on the walls looks so gorgeous! I am in the process of semi-redecorating my kids' bedroom, and I might use some of your decor ideas.

  9. I'm really loving this room! Love the pops of blue and love the art work. Great space. I like it both ways... At the moment, I'm imagining something silvery over the beds... graphic, yet subtle.

  10. What color gray did you use? I love it.